The essence of an old soul

is inspired by the idea that our homes are containers for spirit. An old soul embodies this concept, revels in the quiet moments, and intentionally invites them in more often. Their home and surroundings support this practice, creating a safe haven. 

An old soul is aware that the energy of their home is a reflection of their own. Therefore, being conscious of what they allow in their sacred space, allows them to create a sanctuary for the home, mind, body, & spirit.

To embody your old soul is to intuitively live with it. The tools found in our shop help you to tap into your own inner guidance; allowing your home to connect you to who you are and who you are becoming.

About Sara

What started out as a nod to the home renovation publication, “This Old House”, interior decorator-turned Feng Shui practitioner and Certified Intuition Master (CIM), Sara Kostelnik knew her own soul was embarking on a journey that aligned with her life purpose.

After many years navigating her own path to awakening, Sara decided it was time to share her knowledge and experience by assisting others in theirs. The items curated for align with the principles of the five elements taught in Feng Shui, offering furnishings and decorative home objects that harmoniously balance the mind, body, spirit, & home.